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Hybrid Bootcamp 

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Upcoming Bootcamps: October 11th & November 9th, 2022

In-house courses are available - email for information

Hybrid meetings are the next frontier of collaboration.  Are you ready?  

We are launching two brand new courses to help you feel confident and - we daresay even EXCITED! - to dive into the complexity of hybrid meetings and make great things happen! 

Our Hybrid Bootcamp a 2.5 hour, fast-paced and densely packed introduction to hybrid best practices, while our 6-hour Hybrid Masterclass offers meeting designers hands-on experience with design and peer coaching for more complex situations.

 Both courses explore:

  • The first 10 minutes: Creating a safe and comfortable shared space from the start

  • Facilitation and engagement strategies for breakouts, plenary discussions, energizers and more

  • Room setups and tech configurations for clear communication

  • Roles, responsibilities, and best practices for an effective hybrid facilitation team

  • Lots of reusable templates and resources 


Our 6-hour Hybrid Masterclass offers meeting designers hands-on experience with design and peer coaching for more complex situations.

  • Hands on practice setting up a hybrid space

  • Hybrid "go kit" must-haves

  • Mixed groups: gallery walk, open space, buzz groups and mingles

  • Lots of case studies

  • Favorite disasters and how to avoid them!

  • Energizers and icebreakers

  • In-room, physical activities

Hybrid Masterclass

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Masterclass Sessions: Sept 13-14-15 & Dec 7-8-9, 2022

In-house customization - email for information

Approaches to Environmental Scanning - Online


Format: Three 3.5 hour sessions

Prerequisite: ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM)

Next Dates: November  14-16-18, 2022

Having a shared context is key to effective planning. This course helps you set a foundation and context for strategic thinking and proactive planning, providing a shared base of knowledge.

Before planning for the future, groups need to understand their history and the current dilemmas they face, as well as anticipate shifts and trends in their larger environment.

Environmental Scanning provides a way to quickly understand customer, staff, or community perceptions and needs, delve into relevant data, and get groups on the same page to begin their work, but one size doesn’t fit all!

In this 3-session course, participants will explore 10 dynamic and creative ways to conduct group assessments, and then engage in hands-on practice to select the right approach for various situations. You’ll go back to this extensive “recipe book” of techniques again and again!

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ToP Strategic Planning - Online

ToP Strategic Planning teaches how to weave powerful ToP methods into an integrated approach to strategic planning and creation of plans that are realistic, achievable and easy to monitor. This method is especially useful with larger groups of stakeholders and groups holding diverse ideas. 

ToP Strategic Planning Online Edition translates the ToP Strategic Planning process to an online format that preserves the richness of the face to face version and moves it into the virtual world. Highly participatory, the Online Edition breaks down barriers and builds engagement wherever you may be.


Each half-day segment is devoted to one of five phases of developing a strategic plan:

  1. Preparation and Design

  2. Practical Vision

  3. Underlying Contradictions

  4. Strategic Directions

  5. Focused Implementation


For each segment, participants will participate in a demonstration of the process, followed by a review of the process experienced, key steps and approaches used and discussion of factors in facilitating the segment. This structure enables the experience of how the processes invite a wide range of thinking styles, invites participation from many perspectives and yields a coherent, practical plan.  


Next Dates: September  19-21-23-27-29, 2022

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ToP Facilitation Methods - Online

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Explore the landscape of facilitation and learn three key processes for activating group participation virtually, in the acclaimed Institute of Cultural Affairs flagship course -- modified for the virtual world.

In this engaging live online modular course you look at the landscape of facilitation and learn three simple, universally applicable approaches to help you confidently guide any group in sharing diverse perspectives and accessing group wisdom to reach consensus and commitment.

The ToP foundational methods are: Focused Conversation, Consensus Workshop, and Action Planning.

Public courses are listed on The ToP Network and can be customized for in-house delivery to your team. Contact us to discuss and schedule this capacity-building training.

Action Planning Application Lab - Miro

Become skilled in facilitating the ToP Action Planning Method using an online platform with this hands-on practice lab for TFM graduates. The 4-hour course includes an Action Planning template in both Miro and Google Slides.

This course offers graduates of the TFM, who already have some familiarity with the ToP Action Planning method, the opportunity to learn and practice leading a group through it online. You will leave with increased confidence to create a productive short-term planning experience, shared agreements, benchmarks, and more.

Format: 4.5 hour session

Prerequisite: ToP Facilitation Methods (TFM)

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Virtual Meeting Support for your Team

Learn how to lead engaging, effective and collaborative meetings and events in the virtual space.
Connect with your team in a new and dynamic way, restoring a sense of community and connectedness.
Provide your team with a fast-paced, interactive session that takes your virtual toolkit to a new level. The bootcamp framework is structured to provide multiple ways to translate in-person activities to online spaces, including the use of warm-ups and meeting openers, individual and small group brainstorming, and group problem-solving and prioritizing, with techniques for closing reflections and application. The session can be customized in every stage and segment to meet specific needs of any team and address specific challenges and questions. The virtual platform can also be customized to reflect branding, extending its longevity and use.

Board design by Kim Howe

Virtual Platform Training & Coaching

Maximize the benefits of your virtual whiteboard by getting your team comfortable and competent in creating basic meeting formats, onboarding and orienting participants, and preparing everyone for a productive meeting.  

Learn how to lay out your board to reflect your agenda, using visual cues to help participants navigate easily. Assess the use of low, high, and even no-touch boards, get an understanding of account management, and learn tips and tricks for attractive yet simple board designs. Be equipped for potential challenges and ready to take your interactive meetings online, right away. Available as a group workshop or individual coaching support.

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