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Una worked with the City of Bothell Arts Commission and key leaders to develop a Cultural Strategic Plan. 

This began with community engagement in four visioning sessions to identify the desired impacts of arts and culture in a ten-year timeframe.

The Arts Leadership Team then developed a strategic plan aligned with this community vision.

The plan was adopted by Bothell City Council in February 2020.

Although the pandemic was not on the team's radar when creating the plan, the four strategic directions have allowed them to stay on course, even though the specific implementation work has turned out to be very different.

Implementation planning was done in a virtual setting, maintaining the group's engagement and high levels of participation.

Cultural Plan Presentation begins at 1 hour 14 mins


Una worked with Mayor Matt Larsen, Snoqualmie City Council, and key city leaders to design and facilitate two community sessions. 

The first session provided participants with the opportunity to discuss the proposed expansion of the community center and contribute their thoughts and recommendations for the consideration of the Mayor and City Council.

At the second session, attendees considered the trends that were - or would soon be - impacting the community. After identifying trends, the group discussed the implications for their city. 

In both cases, full documentation was provided to the city leadership.


Una contributed a chapter to the Teachers College Press publication: Preparing Educators for Arts Integration.

Her chapter describes the development and evolution of the Principals' Arts Leadership program. The program is built around ToP facilitation methods to help school-based teams develop a vision for arts in their school and then create the action plan to accomplish the vision.

The program has been adopted by Seattle Public Schools and is part of the systems change approach of the Creative Advantage, the school district's arts plan which has expanded to over 80 schools since its launch.

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