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Strategic Planning
Create a Strategic Plan that will be a living, breathing roadmap for your work, with a vision that’s a north star, and key strategic directions that can weather the not-yet-known circumstances ahead. Flexibility is built in with annual implementation plan updates.
Community Engagement
Upgrade your community engagement or town hall meetings from the traditional one speaker, one mic approach where only the brave and confident (or those with a grievance) speak up. Imagine a structure and flow of small and large group conversations, where differing perspectives are welcomed, opinions are exchanged, and cohesive recommendations emerge from a widely disparate set of ideas.
Community Engagement
Scenario Planning

In times of uncertainty, ambiguity, or rapid change, it can be difficult – if not impossible – to plan in traditional ways. Reality, quite simply, is too fluid. Scenario planning identifies and names those things which most influence our possible futures and create scenarios around which we can plan, preparing us for a nimble response as things unfold. Within the context of a focal issue, key factors and external forces shape the Critical Uncertainties which become the foundations for the different scenarios your team can craft together. You’ll be ready to pivot towards whatever’s ahead.

Action Planning

​When you have decided on a defined and discrete event or project, such as launching a capital campaign, jumpstarting or developing a project, planning a conference or other single-focus and finite effort, the ToP Action Planning process provides the framework for developing a clear group commitment and a coordinated timeline of tasks. Fueled by a victory envisioned together, the work is grounded in realism, and with action steps and timeline developed in teams, there’s a shared sense of ownership and commitment that sustains momentum into execution of the plan.

Managing Change

Environmental Scanning Sessions are extremely valuable as the jumping off point for strategic planning – expanding group thinking and context by the diverse ideas and perspectives that are woven together. At times of great change, an environmental scanning tool such as the Wave is valuable for managing change and helping a team or affinity group stay on focus and decide next steps. The Wall of Wonder (historical scan) is a powerful way to bring everyone associated with an organization onto the same page.

Board/Team Retreats

Board and team retreats are always custom designed to help you meet your goals and advance your work, address challenges, and improve team and organization culture. Essentially, we co-design the agenda as a collaborative team.

Other Sessions

Whatever your needs or goals, a facilitated session can help you accomplish them: review and make meaning of data or survey information; document accomplishments and progress; assess opportunities or threats ahead.

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