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Clients & Participants Have Said...

Carmen Dalziel, Executive Director, Northshore Schools Foundation


"I have attended dozens and dozens of facilitated processes and Una was by far the
best facilitator that I have ever seen.


Bravo to the City of Bothell for hiring someone so qualified to facilitate such important work."

Sylvia Wolf, John S. Behnke Director, Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington Seattle

"Our visioning session was extraordinary. To have 45+ people in the room from Henry staff and board,

all working together to develop hopes and dreams, was a dream I have had that Una made a reality.


She did a phenomenal job synthesizing the expansive range of ideas and experiences that were in the room."

Charlie Rathbun, Arts Program Director, 4Culture

"Una has the uncanny ability to figure out where a group is trying to go and how to help them get there,

a rare combination of patience and purpose. 


She is absolutely fearless in her belief in the creative power of the collective."

Audrey Querns, Project Manager, Creative Advantage

“Una was responsive and flexible in her approach to the group.


It was evident that a great deal of planning went into designing each meeting and the participants left each one feeling that significant decisions had been made by the group and that their voice was reflected in those decisions."

Amy Dukes, Arts Coordinator, City of Issaquah

"Una designed a thoughtful and thorough process that authentically engaged a wide range of

community voices and led to meaningful outcomes.  


The strategic directions identified through Una's process have helped shape the arts program's priorities and have forged new connections to other areas of the city's work.


The Arts Commission now has a clear path to advance its vision."

Susanne Jerde, Chief Academic Officer, Highline Public Schools

“Una is an effective and experienced facilitator who has deep knowledge of leadership and understands the dynamics of a public school system.


Her work showed a great depth of knowledge in content, facilitation, leadership as well as the organizational and attention to detail needed to ensure a successful process with community and staff coming together to develop a vision and action plan.”

Benjamin Moore, Board Chair, Cultural Access Washington

"In my work on behalf of the cultural sector in King County, I have seen Una apply her innate skills and experience in the art of facilitating directed and candid conversations between constituents of diverse backgrounds.


The approach to interactive listening and thinking together in groups large and small that Una applies brings new insight and clarity of purpose, no matter the scope or nature of the issues at hand."

Dave Zeretzke, Community Leader, San Juan Island

"It was not the first time I have gotten involved in community endeavors about the future of public education since I came here 36 years ago. It was, however, the best.


It was the first time I experienced such a thoughtful and well organized meeting that explored deeply what experiences a student should gain here to be ready for the world.


The excellence of the facilitator warrants my sincerest compliment."

Sandra Nestorovic, Chief of Staff, National Nordic Museum

Working with Una was a great experience!


Our board retreat session began with the lofty goal of developing an authentic strategic direction for an organization in transition. Within hours we had a consensus-driven path for the future.


Una guided us through a highly efficient method to build a common voice, while respecting and
celebrating a variety of perspectives.

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